Russian Propaganda Operations Target the U.S. – AIM Daily Alert 02/27/14

Accuracy in Media Daily Alert
February 27, 2014
Russian Propaganda Operations Target the U.S.
By Cliff Kincaid — February 26, 2014
The Moscow-funded propaganda channel, Russia Today (RT), is featuring a Ron Paul column titled “Leave Ukraine alone!,” even while Russia threatens an invasion of the sovereign nation and former Soviet republic. “The usual interventionists in the US have long meddled in the internal affairs of Ukraine,” Paul says, promoting the Kremlin line to an American audience. Continue reading here…
Ronan Farrow and Joy Reid Debuts Bring Tepid Ratings
By Don Irvine — February 26, 2014
MSNBC rolled out its revamped daytime lineup on Monday, and it was a less than stellar debut. Continue reading here…
Media Fairness Caucus Newsletter
February 26, 2014
The February 26th edition of the Media Fairness Caucus Newsletter. Continue reading here…
Obama’s War on America: Killing Coal to Kill U.S. Electrical Power
By Alan Caruba — February 27, 2014
President Obama, supported by the Environmental Protection Agency, is seeking to deprive America of the use of its enormous reserves of coal in coal-fired plants that produce the electricity on which the economy and all life in America depends. Continue reading here…
Common Core: Epic Fail
By Malcolm A. Kline — February 27, 2014
One of the fascinating things about journalism is looking at the factual data that both sides of a controversy agree on and finding that the facts support the critics’ viewpoints. Continue reading here…
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