Monocrats are all the same, yet we continue to be surprised.

“MONOCRATS” ~ Perfect word for today’s pols!

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A King is just the figurehead (given the right to govern by god) of a governmental system called a Monarchy where everything belongs to the King (government). Communism/Socialism are just systems whereby everything belongs to the collective people. A Dictator is just a King who obtained his right to govern by force. They are all Monocrats. Most countries of the world are governed by some entity that does not recognize private ownership of anything. Stateists in the US, both from the left and right, beneath the facade of their claims of belief in Representative Democracy and Capitalism, are Monocrats no better than any of the others. It may be argued that this is not so, that there are examples of leaders in Russia, China, Iran and elsewhere that are much worse but it is because in those countries there were no countering forces like exist in the US, feeble though they may be.

Given the the underlying principle that the government owns everything, it is easy to understand the concepts of “living wages”, guaranteed entitlements, universal healthcare and free education from preschool through college paid for from the revenue, unfairly retained by the rich. Most governmental discussions of tax policy are laced with the concept that ALL revenue belongs to the government and the amount that citizens retain is a benefit granted by and a cost to government. Dirty words like “Free Markets” and “Capitalism” are used to describe the means used by the greedy not to produce the wealth but to get an unfair share. All Monocrats believe that “wealth” is naturally occurring, provided by nature or God, is fixed in quantity and it is necessary for an authority to exist to divide it up for the collective good. Virtually all of our politicians believe this to some degree and the ones that don’t have not been able to make their case.

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