The Democratic Party and Karl Marx


By Jack Kerwick

Unveiling the roots of Democrats’ logic

New York Senator Chuck Schumer thinks that it is a good thing, an affirmation of “family values” and “freedom,” that nearly 3 million people are expected to stop working in order to be able to qualify for Obamacare subsidies.

While on “Meet the Press” this past weekend, Schumer was blunt: The “bottom line,” he said, “is very simple. What [the] CBO [Congressional
Budget Office] said is that many American workers would have freedom. Now that’s a good word,” Schumer continued, for it means that Americans would now have the “freedom to do things that they couldn’t [previously] do.”

That Obamacare promises to discourage people from looking for work is also a boost for “family values.” Schumer explained: “The single mom who’s raising three kids [and] has to keep a job because of healthcare, can now spend some time raising those kids. That’s a family value.”

Schumer’s fellow partisans, both in Washington and the media, are seconding his sentiments.


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