States to NSA: Get a warrant Lawmakers push back against federal agency’s spy program

States to NSA: Get a warrant

Lawmakers push back against federal agency’s spy program


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  1. upaces88 says:

    He is dong his best to START a Civil War!


    • a12iggymom says:

      yep, but have you heard about Operation American Spring on May 16, 2014? Hoping for 10,000,000 on the 16th and people who can (hopefully into the millions) will stay to show Washington We The People demand that they start following the Constitution or leave.


      • upaces88 says:

        LOL…I sent that out viral 2 times in the last 24 hrs….also went to 3 Tea Party Groups. I did have six but they kicked me out when I warned them Romney would wimp out.
        And, he did.


      • a12iggymom says:



      • upaces88 says:

        Please feel free to delete this…It is a step-by-step of what happened right before the election.
        ​ ​Newt, ​Palin, Bachman, Romney and the Convention Step-by-Step

        ​​​​ ​​​​​​ ​​The below was written a while back.

        ​​​​ ​​There were several of us who watched this VERY closely from its beginning. Not too many people are aware of “when it REALLY began.” In the beginning, remember, there were several really good people with a great deal of knowledge under their belts! right?

        This IS a step by step as we remember it. It DOES NOT MATTER if you were for OR against Newt Gingrich and Michelle Bachman, okay? What we need to be mindful of is what was going on behind the scenes. Remember this one thing throughout anything I say below. Newt Gingrich and Michelle Bachman WERE THE ONLY CANDIDATES running who wanted to expose the Muslims in Our Federal Govt.; expose them; and remove them. Plus they were the ONLY ones who wanted to BAN SHARIA LAW in this country for once and for all.

        Several of us were on Newt Gingrich’s site. We were KICKED OFF….Banned! We finally found out the reason. Seems a Romney bunch decided that “Newt would have wanted this” (huh? Yes!). They had “decided” that it would be a Romney/Santorum ticket (huh?!!!)

        Remember the Florida screw up? Just prior to that, there was another massive fraud that happened. Seems there was a law suit filed by Ron Paul (and no, I am not a Ron Paul fan; however, the man stepped forward to try to stop the fraud). People were threatened and coerced into voting for Romney as the candidate. AFTER the law suit, now all of those votes were once again FREE to be caste freely for those who wanted to vote for someone else!

        Well Romney was declared the candidate ONLY AFTER A NEW LAW (OR RULE) WAS IMPLEMENTED. Now this is VERY important. And, connects to why Obama mentioned running for a “3rd Term”. The NEW RNC Rule is that THEY WILL DECIDE WHO CAN AND WHO CANNOT RUN FOR PRESIDENT. In other words, let’s say YOU want to run for President. Guess what! UNLESS THEY APPROVE OF YOU….no matter how much $$ you have or strong background, YOU CANNOT RUN unless THEY DECIDE.

        Do you understand the implications of this? This is the FIRST STEP in setting up a NWO format. Citizens are no longer allowed to vote…THEY DO IT ALL! Now the door is totally OPEN for ROMNEY TO WIN!

        Romney had been waiting in the wings. AGAIN, we were kicked off….”banned” from sites warning people about Romney. We wanted them to fight back and get a candidate THAT WAS FOR US NOT THE NWO. We uploaded his past…all proof that he would waiver and give in during the most crucial moments. Remember the several times they found fraud where Romney was concerned during the campaign? NOT ONE THING WAS DONE.

        Then along comes the Florida Caucus….remember now…all of the votes have been turned loose for them to vote their conscience vs. BEING TOLD WHO TO VOTE FOR.

        Suddenly, they are all afraid of a “possible” storm front coming in…huh? They want,, for the first time in history, a CALL IN VOTE vs. being there in person! The next day, they were afraid of the OWS (you know, those kids with the high $ cell phones living in mom’s basement interfering.

        The word got out that the law suit had been successful and that now everyone was free to vote their conscience…right? Michelle Bachman, Newt Gingrich and Sarah Palin decided they would be there to capture the “soft votes” now released giving Bachman and/or Gingrich another opportunity to come back.

        At that specific time of voting, Cars were blocked of those people who WANTED to vote for anyone other than Romney.

        Well, you know the rest….Obama, again, in by massive fraud; and Romney ran off and hid.

        At this point, Our Country Has been Hijacked by Barrack Hussein Obama.
        Now he wants a “3rd Term.”


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