From Nice Deb: Benghazi Witnesses Outraged By NYT’s Times Story: ‘Complete Baloney’ (Video)

Benghazi Witnesses Outraged By NYT’s Times Story: ‘Complete Baloney’ (Video)

by nicedeb

Fox News reporter Adam Housley told Harris Faulkner, Sunday evening, that the New York Times’ whitewash of the Benghazi attack has “stirred up a bees’ nest” – upsetting the witnesses who were on the ground that night and who have been threatened by the Regime to keep silent. “Some of these men have had their jobs threatened”, Housley reported.

He said as soon as the Times report posted, a number of reporters who have been working on the Benghazi story “got phone calls and emails….right away, the community was extremely upset.” He explained that there were a number of different people who were in Benghazi, that night – the CIA, FBI, military, and contractors. READ MORE AT ABOVE LINK

Video: John Bolton Calls NY Times Benghazi Report ‘An Editorial Opinion Piece Masquerading as Journalism’

by nicedeb

John Bolton was invited on Fox News, Sunday, to respond to the NY Times’ “bombshell” Benghazi report which purports that there was no al Qaeda connection to the attack – which was largely spurred on by the fabled YouTube video. The ‘Stache’s reaction to the report was derisive laughter at first. And then came a scathing rebuke. READ MORE AT ABOVE LINK

Does The GOP Have A Strategy To Combat the Mediacracy in 2016?

by nicedeb


As should be obvious, the NY Times’s revisionist “bombshell” on Benghazi, is a preview of the Benghazi cover story the MSM will mount in defense of Hillary for the next couple of years. The question is – will the American public fall for it? Will the alternative media and more importantly – the GOP – be able to combat what Daniel Greenfield calls the “mediacracy”?

Clear and Present Danger: Religious Persecution In The US Military (Video)

by nicedeb

It’s come to this – In the America we live in today, our soldiers are reduced to hiding in the shadows and disguising their voices in order to tell the story of religious persecution in the military.

“There is a tremendous culture of intimidation and fear in the ranks of the United States Military, right now”, one soldier said. “I think in particular, Christian religious freedom, has been a target.” READ MORE AT ABOVE LINK

Rep. Peter King, And Fox News’ Catherine Herridge Shred NY Times’ “Misleading” Benghazi Report (Video)

by nicedeb

The New York Times fired its opening salvo for Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign in the form of an investigative piece that in large part absolves her and the Obama administration of the charge that they purposefully misled the public in the wake of the Benghazi attack. Written by David Kirkpatrick, (whom Daniel Greenfield once called “very slimy” in a FrontPageMagazine article), the piece is entitled, A Deadly Mix in Benghazi, and claims that there was no al Qaeda link to the attack and it was fueled by the anti-Mohammed video. READ MORE AT ABOVE LINK

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