EXPOSE THIS SCUM!! The Union Leader Who Tells Disabled Vets To Die

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 “The Veterans will take the lead on dealing with this crap!”

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The Union Leader Who Tells Disabled Vets To Die

by twana

The Veterans will take the lead on dealing with this crap!


Her union (IBEW Local 2222) can be contacted at 617-929-6000, and the Fax # is 617-929-6099.

The president of her union is Ed Fitzpatrick.
Phone: (617) 929-6006
Email: edfitzpatrick@ibew2222.org

The vice-president of her union is Kevin Holland.
Phone: (617) 929-6018
Email: kevinholland@ibew2222.org

Her Congressman is Michael Capuano.
Phone: (617) 621-6208
Send him an email here: http://www.house.gov/capuano/contact/email.shtml

This kind of disgusting hate speech towards our military men and women needs to be addressed, and the woman held accountable for her vile words. If she represents her union in any official capacity, one would hope she would be stripped of her title, and that the union would state their support for our veterans. Let’s see how they respond. Please share this article far and wide.

You can read Airman Kolfage’s story here.
Brian Kolfage is on Twitter here.
His Facebook page is at Brian Kolfage.


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