Chuck Norris in Marvelous New Christmas video! 2 minutes! Must see!

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Chuck Norris hits new heights in Christmas stunt

America’s favorite tough guy gets leg up on Van Damme

American tough guy actor and martial arts champion Chuck Norris, whose list of movies continues to expand with his appearance in Expendables 2 just last year, now has taken the stunt to a whole new level.

At least in a video posted online by Delov Digital, a Hungarian animation company.

The company has recreated Van Damme’s feat using Chuck Norris doing the splits between the wings of two jets.

Flying jets.

Holding a human Christmas tree of nearly a dozen airborne comrades on his cowboy hat.

The video isn’t real, but was created by Delov to express, “Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.”

(So, yes, yes, yes, I know it’s not real, don’t get all upset that I’ve been spoofed. It’s still a marvelous sight. But WND won’t let me copy the video so you have to click on the link.)

See it here:

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