Feds Disrupt Jihad Homicide Bomb Plot at Wichita Airport

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Feds Disrupt Jihad Homicide Bomb Plot at Wichita Airport

Posted: 13 Dec 2013 12:51 PM PST

Loewen was clearly a convert to Islam. This story goes out of its way to tell us that he is “white.” His skin color is no more important to this jihad murder plot than the color of his socks. What motivated Loewen was Islam’s doctrine of jihad. But looking at that makes you a racistislamophobicantimuslimbigot, according to the enemedia and the Obama administration.

“Feds say they disrupted suicide bomb plot by worker at Wichita airport” NBC News December 13, 2013

A 58-year-old airport worker was charged Friday with allegedly planning a suicide bombing at a passenger terminal at the Wichita Mid-Continent Airport in Kansas.
The suspect, Terry Lee Loewen, an avionics technician who lives in Wichita, was arrested earlier in the day as he attempted to use his security pass to drive a vehicle that he thought contained explosives onto the tarmac at the airport, law enforcement officials said at a news conference in Wichita. In fact, the car contained only dummy explosives.
U.S. Attorney Barry Grissom said Loewen spent months developing a plan to drive a carload of explosives to the airport terminal and that he was determined to trigger the bomb himself and die in the blast.
Loewen, who is white, became radicalized after reading extremist Islamic material on the Internet, Grissom said.

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  1. Ray's Mom says:

    I have flown in and out of this airport. I pray for the day humanity regains their sanity.


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