PBS Whitewashes Oswald’s KGB Connections

By: Cliff Kincaid Accuracy in Media In its nearly two-hour documentary on the Kennedy assassination, “Who Was Lee Harvey Oswald?,” public television…

More: http://noisyroom.net/blog/2013/11/22/pbs-whitewashes-oswalds-kgb-connections/

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1 Response to PBS Whitewashes Oswald’s KGB Connections

  1. upaces88 says:

    I have no doubt they did!
    However, he DID NOT DO IT.
    I was a junior in High School at the time. After high school I married and move to Oceanside, CA to be with him (Marine Base).
    He got out, and we drove from our home town Ft. Worth, TX to Dallas…Highland Park.. a very wealthy area with those mansions people only talk about. Within 5 minutes, my husband’s uncle disappeared and finally came back from his library with a photo. It was a photo of Lee Harvey Oswald standing at the “base” of the building, he supposedly was in at the top JFK was murdered.
    If you remember, we had the camera(s) then that had a “time/date” stamp at the bottom of the photo. That was his “GET OUT OF JAIL FREE CARD”



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