NY Muslim “Activist”: There is Nothing Objectionable in the Koran

At first appearance ex-Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) leader Cyrus McGoldrick, may seem like a peaceful person, who is for the equality of all. As he portrays himself as a “rights activist”. But if you dig deeper, and ask him the right questions you will see that is far from the truth. You will see that he is no friend of animals, children, non-Muslims, or America.
Cyrus profile
Everyone once in awhile I Tweet him a question, but he usual does not answer. So last week I figured I would step it up a notch and expose his true colors to animal rights and news organizations. I am guessing he finally responded to try and protect his reputations. But he failed miserably as he played right into my hand….
This was just weeks after the Islamic “celebration” of Qurbani. In which Muslims slice the throats of animals in a blood sacrifice to Allah.
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