Video: “Answering Islam’s Critics” full of taqiyya he denies exists.

H/T Dorrie

There is virtually nothing in this video this man has to say that can’t be disproved and contradicted in the Qur’an and the ahadith themselves. His own specialty! He’s been taught the da’wah game by the best of them and maybe is the best of them for all I know, but you know, even I could discredit everything he had to say. He will be a featured speaker at the interfaith dialogue ISNA Global Faith Forum going on in Keller, TX on Nov 14-16 at the Northwood Church, presided over by “Pastor” Bob Roberts. It’s a perfect example for why you should come to ACT! TX’s Beware False Prophets event on 11/16 at the Hurst Conf Center (Keller’s neighbor). You need to know how they twist minds! Get your tickets here:

Islam Silencing the Critics TheDeenShow
Islam Silencing the Critics TheDeenShow

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