Mauro: Debating the Muslim Brotherhood in America, 5 parts

H/T Dorrie

This is a studier! Ryan Mauro is so outstanding at what he does, though, you’ll be fascinated. And don’t forget, he’ll be speaking at ACT TX’s exposé on Christian/Jewish — ISNA interfaith dialogue scams — at the Hurst Conference Center on November 16 in Hurst, TX! Get your tickets now!

Debating the Muslim Brotherhood in America

1 – The Holy Land Foundation

2 – Elibiary, The Muslim Brotherhood [we don’t forget that Elibiary is from Texas, which is just plain embarrassing]

3 – Elibiary’s Relationship with American Islamists

4 — Islamophobia

5 – U.S. Policy

Here is another article and video from Ryan on Mohamed Elibiary:

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