Another Attempted Self Immolation in America, This Time in Houston (Video)

Less than a day after a man died by setting himself on fire at the national mall in DC, another person in Houston was subdued before attempting to do the same

Photo: Youtube

Photo: Youtube

By JG Vibes | October 6, 2013

HOUSTON (INTELLIHUB) — As we reported yesterday, an unidentified man in Washington D.C. set himself on fire at the national mall. He was airlifted to a local hospital where he later died. Now, less than 24 hours later, a man in Houston was stopped just before he was able to do the same, and was taken into custody by the police.
Cory Garcia, a web editor from the Houston Press, a block away, snapped photos of the man cuffed and on his knees.
“He was just sitting there, very quiet, very peaceful almost like he was meditating,” Garcia said. “I think the fact that he had a pillow with him suggest perhaps he was taking inspiration from Buddhist monks who’ve protested that way before.”

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