Power Grid To Go Down November 13th, and November 14th, 2013

I can confirm the grid shutdown because the Democrat and Chronicle had a side bar on this. Just so everyone can have enough food and water on hand. I believe it will only be the North East, but it may be much wider…

Power Grid To Go Down

Posted on September 7, 2013 by Brittius http://brittius.com/
United States, Mexico and Canada, will be shutting down the Power Grid on November 13th, and November 14th, 2013.., so there will be no electric, and food supply and water supply are now in question. Motor vehicle fuel will not be available. Natural gas delivery is also in question.
What kind of nonsense is going on causing a “drill”? It is also questionable, IF, the power grid can be restored, and then, it may take several days to accomplish.
Water. Food. Ammunition.
Will there be:

  • FEMA/Government Take Over?
  • A Massive Round Up?
  • Financial Sell-Out of the Currency?
  • The Southern US Border will be overrun.
  • Will UN or other alien nation troops be brought in to invade?
  • What will happen during those days as telephone and internet will also be down?
  • What will be done that can be concealed by Obama and the government?
  • A gun confiscation?
  • Night of the Long Knives?
  • Genocide in America?
  • Will banks steal money from depositors?

Research this online. THINK, now. Organize groups now, for safety. Make plans around these days and prepare if weather turns bad or, if you or loved one has a medical emergency.

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