New York State Exposed: Coming in October

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3 Responses to New York State Exposed: Coming in October

  1. findalis says:

    We here in Illinois are the most corrupt state. Notice how all the worst states in the Union are run by Democrats?


    • a12iggymom says:

      Yep, progressives have done their level best to destroy the cities, now they are working Agenda21 in the rural areas…and now it isn’t just democrats anymore, but progressives in the republican party too.


    • upaces88 says:

      Sad thing is, you can vote ONE out who is corrupt. He is replaced by an honest man who “has to make deals” in order to get passed what he thinks is righteous. IF he doesn’t the corrupt ones gang up on him and won’t allow him to pass what he needs to pass for his people.
      This is the Illinois Rep who stood up for ALL of us about the NDAA. Study the faces of those listening to him.
      ​​​​llinois Rep Explodes..Cannot Give This Much Power to One Man


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