The Treason & conceivable Impeachment of Barack Hussein Obama


Not so long ago in our country’s history, having a President as diametrically opposed & brazenly hostile to the very principles of our nations Founding & its fundamental laws as we have in Barack Hussein Obama would have been inconceivable to the American people. Not merely inconceivable, but intolerable. Since this previously obscure speck of an Illinois Senator made his first appearance on the national political stage however, we have borne witness to MANY previously inconceivable things. Obama’s mystifying election to the Office of President not withstanding (despite his possessing virtually no experience or significant political achievements whatsoever to qualify him for the job), everything Obama has set his hands to since taking Office has consistently met in a confluent chain reaction of disastrous results to one degree or another. From the beginning, many media & political Chowder-heads tried to attribute Obama’s motives as”well intentioned“, referring to his demeanor as being that of a “likable guy“.

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