Texas UT gets a Muslim frat house. No booze or girls allowed; just stealth jihad

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This is clearly an article I couldn’t let slide without commenting on. “A Muslim fraternity house.” It’s the Muslim Student Association at work under any other sly name. This is classic, almost pitch-perfect halal horse-pucky from the word go. The MSA got around not being allowed on campus by creating this diversion.

Inside America’s first Muslim frat house

Jo Barrow

Tuesday 03 September 2013

. . . . In February this year, America’s first Muslim Fraternity was established at the University of Texas; Ali Mahmoud is the President of Alpha Lambda Mu (or Alif Laam Meem) and its founder.

Ali explains: “The primary purpose of a fraternity is to unite these men as brothers under a specific cause.” [which is why Muhammad invented jihad]. . . . Apparently, it all started out as a joke. [Which was? It’s not mentioned.]

“The idea of a Muslim fraternity seemed heretical [to whom? Certainly not Americans or Greeks or the British . . . .],” says Ali. However, as they worked on the idea they realised that many Muslim men at university felt that they either had to compromise their social life in order to live by the values of Islam, or compromise the values of Islam in order to have a social life. Ali believed a balance was achievable, and that was the path the establishment of Alpha Lambda Mu was trying to pave.

They created the fraternity, based on the principles of Islam: mercy, compassion, justice, integrity, honesty, unity, love, and sincerity . . . . [my foot. How many times do these words even figure into the Qur’an, the Islamic book, the book that puts down the principles of Islam?]:

Mercy: It’s in there a lot, but with Allah granting it to Muslims & withholding it from non-Muslims and Muslims who displease him.

Compassion: Word comes up 2x.

Justice: Sharia law. Sharia law is defined as “freedom from manmade laws.” Like the U.S. Constitution. And the Texas Constitution. And any other non-Muslim laws.

Integrity: Not once.

Honesty: Word comes up 2x.

Unity: Not once.

Love: 39x. All about how the Muslims must love Allah. Not the other way, not for each other, and not for non-Muslims.

and sincerity: Not once [taqiyya on the hoof here!]

. . . . in order to prove that a modern Muslim college student could live as a dignified, respectable [? by whose standards?]man and still have an organic [? who talks like that?] college experience. They hope that in their fraternity, their members -‘young, self-actualised Muslim men [?]’ -will be servants to their families and every aspect of their greater community. “Muslims are supposed to bring benefit and prevent harm to everyone and anything, not just Muslims.” [Whopper lie #1! Muruna in all it’s glory! Muruna is monster lying. Like Hitler’s (?, I think. Mao Se Tung, maybe?) dictum that if you tell a big enough lie often enough that everybody will believe it after a while.]

Alpha Lambda Mu has attracted some criticism for their appropriation of ‘exclusivist ideals.’ One group, Cornell Muslim Dissents, was particularly vocal. [They can always pick on each other, but God forbid it’s one of us infidels. We become instant haters.] The author of a viral post on tumblr wondered why any ‘religious organization would strive to be modelled after a gendered institution with roots in white supremacy and elitism. I am all for Muslim unity and coalition [well, yes, as is all of Islam, to the death of the rest of the world coalition, actually], but we need to revolutionize what that looks like, rather than adopting discriminatory structures’. [He’s pumping for being up front about pulling the wool over the non-Muslims’ eyes, not just hide in the un-assimilated mosque communities? Or maybe he means always show Islam in the best possible light?]

Ali’s response? “In order for us to craft this Muslim-American identity [and where exactly did that plan come from? Who asked him to do this? It started as a joke], we’re going to need to have a number of conversations along the way. [Oh! We have to clear up the misunderstanding! I get it.] It’s difficult to have this conversation when we’re constantly telling people what Islam isn’t instead of what it is due to pre-emptive attacks with hidden agendas [ahhh. Victims. If you just had something good you could say about Islam that was the truth, and Islam didn’t have hidden agendas, it sure would be easier for you, poor fellow]. I think it’s time to calm down and have intelligent, open-minded conversations [he means, readers, that he is intelligent, but we are close-minded, so we’ll never get anywhere and he’s heaving a great sad sigh as he says it] if we want to make any progress [I would like to make progress. I would like him to own up to what’s in the Qur’an, the Sunna and the Sharia. When he does, then we can make progress, not before]. We’re taking what’s good from the fraternity model and leaving what’s bad.”

The fraternity is leaving the culture of excessive partying, and the elitist mentality by choosing members based on that which is in their control. “We’re not looking for perfect Muslims. None of us is perfect. We would rather take a humble struggler who understands his faults and believes that he can overcome his challenges by joining the fraternity, than someone who is too blinded by arrogance to see any room for self-improvement. We’ll grow together, we’ll keep each other in check, and we’ll hopefully all come out as better people and better contributors to society.” [WHOSE society?]

The role of Islam in America is a notoriously divisive subject [says the Independent]; in the wake of the Boston bombings anti-Islamic sentiment was everywhere on social and traditional media even before any information was known about the perpetrator of the attack [And golly, didn’t it turn out to be correct!]. Perhaps unsurprisingly given the predictable response of the right-wing media [!!!!! Not these self-righteous, fully liberated, unfettered-with-facts types who’d never be caught dead thinking Ali could possibly be anything but authentic, of course], the Islamic community was at the forefront of the response to the Boston attack, with Alpha Lambda Mu among those fund-raising for the victims. Yet, Islam is still [altogether now: ahhhhhh] often vilified in the national press. In such a seemingly hostile environment, could it be possible that Alpha Lambda Mu was a step toward the further integration of Muslims into America? No.

“Absolutely not,” says Ali. “We cannot integrate or assimilate into a society that we’re already a part of. “I personally grew up in Plano, Texas. I went to public school, I played Xbox Live all the time with my friends who weren’t Muslim [Qur’an 5:51: “. . . take not the Jews and Christians for friends . . .”; 5:57: “. . . take not for protector and helpers . . . from those who received the Scriptures (Christians and Jews) . . .”; 60:1: “. . . take not my [Allah’s] enemies . . . (disbelievers and polytheists) as friends . . .”] and I regrettably ate too much fast food. I‘m a proud American Muslim, and I see no contradiction of those two titles[monster lie #2! According to the Assembly of Muslim Jurists, a Muslim cannot hold citizenship in any country that isn’t part of the ummah (Islamic world) without becoming apostate (open to being killed by other Muslims)] Islam is my moral compass that guides shackles every aspect of my life, but it also leaves room for our cultural experiences.” [Taqiyya alert! No: As the Ayatollah Khomeini said: “There is no fun in Islam.” He can only have Islamic experiences in America, like anywhere else. This whole fraternity thing is a giant lie of assimilation, which just isn’t for anybody’s benefit but the gullible liberal-class Americans.]

Something that Ali speaks particularly eloquently on is the interesting position of being a Muslim in modern America: “One of the beautiful things about Islam is that it is a religion that is meant to fit different times and different places. “Yes, there are core values that do not change regardless of where the religion is established, but there is room for flexibility. An exciting challenge we have as young Muslims in the United States is figuring out how Islam fits in 21st century America. We can only do this with a strong understanding of the religious tradition and a strong understanding of the cultural reality of our day. The synthesis of the two is indeed Islam itself, and lacking in either understanding calls for recalibration. The goal is balance.”[This Monster Lie #4 is so gaggingly monstrously full of BS, I can’t even think about breaking it down into discrete parts. Islam = jihad, Sharia, supremacy. There is all junk junk junk, and he knows it, and the reporter doesn’t.]

Texas – to the uninitiated – seems like an odd place for a Muslim fraternity to establish itself, but Ali is quick to leap to its defence: “The amount of love we’ve been getting from all around the world [but not Texas?] eclipses the negativity that Muslims have received and gives us hope for a brighter future of tolerance, understanding, peace, and love for each other.” [Oh, one can almost hear his teachers back at taqiyya and tarbiya training school clapping their fool heads off. Oh, pin a shiny gold sword on that boy’s shirt!]

With identity crisis fast becoming a feature of the modern teenager, creating a safe environment for Muslims [altogether now: ahhhhhh]to hold onto their beliefs without becoming ostracised from the wider community seems like a positive solution to a tricky dilemma. [Oh, LOL. Sometimes these media people simply fawn too much.]

“We hope that after all is said and done, we will have a strong group of guys who will stand up for social justice [which is defined as: When there is no jihad, because non-Muslims are no longer causing offense to Islam because they have learned fear of and respect for Islam], for the needy, and for their societies [which slips into jargon: Whose societies?; I thought he wanted all this wonderfullness for America]just as the religion calls them to do.”[The word counts above don’t change any for this load of malarkey, either.]

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