Diana West Invents a New Conspiracy | FrontPage Magazine

Diana West Invents a New Conspiracy | FrontPage Magazine.


rebuttal for blogDiana West is still on the attack over my decision to remove a review from Frontpage that could be looked at as endorsement of her embarrassingly kooky book which has pulled the wool over a number of conservative eyes. Her attack which is published today on Breitbart.com accuses Ronald Radosh and me of trying to “suppress” her views because we are closet liberals and pro-communists.

It is a political truism that cover-ups often turn out worse for the guilty parties than the faults they seek to hide. So it is with Diana West’s campaign of slander against Ronald Radosh and myself because she is incapable of answering our criticisms of her poorly conceived, ill-informed, conspiracy mongering book.

She is incapable of responding to the specifics of our critique – her misrepresentation of the pro-Soviet Harry Hopkins as an actual Soviet spy, her preposterous claim that Lend-lease and D-Day were Soviet plots or that the decision shared by Winston Churchill to suppress the facts of the Katyn massacre was a Kremlin design. So she accuses us of a conspiracy to suppress her work because it challenges the “liberal consensus.”  This is a consensus that denies the sorry history of Communist subversion, infiltration and malevolent anti-Americanism. According to West we decided to conduct “a scorched earth policy to preserve and protect the conventional narrative as promulgated by mainstream academia.”

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