Agenda 21 Chapter 8 – The Final Coup

Agenda 21 Chapter 8 – The Final Coup.


I forget that because I learned about Agenda 21 well over a year ago from Drake that there are still many people completely unaware of this secret plan by the Illuminati to control every aspect of our lives, reduce the population, and the ones that are left… well, Drake put it this way: (he tended to dramatize a little)

Ultimately, they’re going to zone every square inch of the world, herd us all into compact communities of metal containers the size of a box car—one per family, stacked on top of each other, with possibly one small window for light, where we are not allowed to access to lakes, forests, or open country, to grow gardens, or do anything without their permission. We will be their slaves, chattel, cattle, living in a fenced compound. Anyone who refuses to cooperate will be erased.

The globalists will reserve the beautiful parts of the globe for their personal enjoyment and control all natural resources and land use. It will be THEIR planet, not ours.



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