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U.S. preparing missile strike on Syria as evidence mounts of chemical weapons use

By George Chidi Friday, August 23, 2013 20:29 EDT Topics: barack obama ♦ missile strike The Pentagon is reportedly preparing for a possible order to strike Syrian targets with cruise missiles, as evidence mounts of the use of chemical weapons … Continue reading

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ABC, Which Didn’t Identify Sleazy Mayor as a Democrat, Hits Scandal of ‘Rising Republican Star’

The journalists on Good Morning America, Wednesday, again ignored the fact that San Diego’s mayor, accused of sexually harassing 18 women, is a Democrat. Yet, on the very same program, reporter John Muller made sure to highlight Texas Lieutenant Governor … Continue reading

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Networks Seize on White House Scandal…From 40 Years Ago

Networks Seize on White House Scandal…From 40 Years Ago While NBC, ABC, and CBS have censored coverage of the ongoing IRS scandal for weeks – even as new revelations have moved it higher up the rungs of the Obama administration … Continue reading

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RedflagNews This op-ed (now with more than 25 million views) has been updated with the most current facts for the case of Obama’s Impeachable Offenses. Read more: http://www.theweepingeagle.com/2013/08/constitutional-attorney-names-12.html

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DEFUND on BHONazicare before the end of SEPT…

There has been info spreading on the internet that is very controversial.  GOP SENATOR SAYS COALITION TO BLOCK AND DEFUND OBAMACARE IS GROWING, NAMES NAMES… When a little birdie dropped the End Game memo through my window, its content was … Continue reading

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