Unknown number of US Army Soldiers had plotted to kill Obama, oust govt…PLUS – “We’re building a domestic army” – Marine Corps Colonel speaks out

August 27, 2012

Army soldiers formed a militia group in Georgia that plotted to overthrow the U.S. government — and they killed a fellow soldier and his girlfriend to keep the plot secret, prosecutors alleged Monday, according to the Associated Press.

Prosecutors in the Long County, Ga., case say that the militia group planned to overtake the nearby Fort Stewart, to bomb a dam in Washington state and poison the state’s apple crop and ultimately overthrow the government and assassinate the president, according to reports.

The group of former and activity duty U.S. service members spent at least $87,000 on guns and bomb components, prosecutors said.

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“We’re building a domestic army” – Marine Corps Colonel speaks out

VIDEO: http://noisyroom.net/blog/2013/08/15/were-building-a-domestic-army-marine-corps-colonel-speaks-out/

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