Are these acts of desperation or government force violence?

A gunman open fired at a town hall event in Ross Township, PA, on Monday evening, killing three people before a local government official subdued and shot him, reportedly with his own gun.

“At least three people were killed when a gunman opened fire at a Pennsylvania municipal building during a meeting, before he was tackled by a local official and shot with his own gun, a witness said,” the Associated Press reported late Monday. “The shooting, which also injured some people, happened shortly before 7:30 p.m. during Ross Township’s monthly meeting, Monroe County emergency management director Guy Miller said.”
The AP also reported that at least two more people were injured.
Chris Reber, a reporter for the Pocono Record, offered this first-hand account from inside the room, as written by his editors: Read More:

Seems that Mr. Newell had a long-running dispute with the township over his property, which they said was an “eyesore.” Here’s an article from just under a year ago about the situation:

did he kill himself or did the government kill him?

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