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The educational crisis in Chicago is our fault and we fully accept the blame

H/T King of my Blog: Karen Lewis, the current Chicago Teachers Union President, sent shock waves through the educational and Leftist union universe yesterday when she fully admitted that the horrific condition that is afflicting the Chicago area school system … Continue reading

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History you never learned before – How a Sonnet Made a Statue the ‘Mother of Exiles’

From “New York” by A. WittemannThe Statue of Liberty from an image in the early 1900s. http://cityroom.blogs.nytimes.com/2011/10/26/how-a-sonnet-made-a-statue-the-mother-of-exiles/ When the Goddess of Liberty was given to the United States, its donor’s agenda was to burnish France’s republican roots after the oppressive … Continue reading

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Petition: U.S. Constitution Declared an Absolutely Worthless Document?

Dear Proud American, Take a long, hard look above… These are the people who represent you… who represent America. How does that make you feel? Proud? Safe? Personally, it makes me feel sick. This isn’t the America I know and … Continue reading

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21 Facts About NSA Snooping That Every American Should Know

By Michael T. Snyder, the author of The Beginning Of The End There seems to be a lot of confusion about what the NSA is actually doing.  Are they reading our emails?  Are they listening to our telephone calls?  Do … Continue reading

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