1993 docudrama, 6 degrees of seperation

Six degrees of separation was originally thought be an urban myth, but now it appears it might actually be quite the opposite. This documentary examines this urban myth by bringing to light that there is a chance that anyone on this planet can and is connected by just a few steps of association. This is at the root of a significant scientific breakthrough.

The theory behind the six degrees of separation is that everyone is connected by just a few steps. So basically it means that you know someone, who knows someone, who knows someone, who just happens to know me or someone else on this planet that you know, making us all connected. It wasn’t until scientists began thoroughly examining this theory that they made profound discoveries. Sort of puts a new perspective on the saying “It’s a small world”. How many times do you meet someone, only to find out that they know your friend, your brother or anyone else that you know. Quite often right?

Putting this urban myth to the test has opened a whole new branch of science, Network Theory. Six Degrees of Separation examines this theory and examines how we could use it to alter the way we predict pandemics, combat disease and fight terrorism.

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