(Video) An additional $4 billion to the Palestinian Authority?

02 Jun 2013 11:30 PM PDT The+U.S.+desire+to+pour+an+additional+$4+billion+down+the+drain-hole+called+the+Palestinian+Authority.jpg
03 June ’13..

Former Amb. Yoram Ettinger in a 3 minute interview with Israel Hayom asks a few questions concerning whether the U.S. desire to pour an additional $4 billion down the drain-hole called the Palestinian Authority is in anyone’s best interests. That the Arab oil-producing nations have consistently avoided doing this speaks volumes to their understanding of whom their dealing with. Amb. Yoram Ettinger, as always, clear and to the point.

Amb.+Yoram+Ettinger+interview+with+Israel+Hayom.jpgClick photo for Video

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