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Bengahzi Theme Song, sung yesterday by Hitlery Clinton

H/T Roger With apologies to Three Dog Night!!

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Liberty and Preparedness Network Forum – Didn’t think they would go there? Dems Introduce AWB 2013

Dems Reintroduce ‘Assault Weapons’ Ban (and List Shows It’s Not Just Rifles): ‘Purpose Is to Dry Up the Supply of These Weapons Over Time’ http://www.theblaze.com/stories/2013/01/24/dems-reintroduce-assault-weapons-ban-and-its-not-just-rifles-purpose-is-to-dry-up-the-supply-of-these-weapons-over-time/ Stop playing the “political” game, get past all the hype… Know what they are trying … Continue reading

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H/T Paul and Trucker This is getting nationwide attention. Where is Tawas City , MI ? Actually, it is on Lake Huron and has a Population of Just over 2,000!! Go figure A Small MICHIGAN NEWSPAPER EDITORIAL Short and to … Continue reading

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