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In 1934, Dr. Harold Rugg and Dr. George Counts (with help from a handful of supporters, including California’s influential School Superintendent Dr. Willard Givens) managed to gain control over the National Education Association (NEA). These doctrinaire Modern Liberals were all zealous followers of the famous socialist, Dr. John Dewey of Columbia University. Ever since then, the NEA has done more to implement the educational theories of Dr. Dewey than any other group.

With their control of the NEA, Modern Liberals now influence educational policy from Washington DC all the way down to your local school board. The Modern Liberals who control the NEA affect decisions about curriculum, text books, testing protocols and even teaching methods. The NEA’s influence is daunting, and it usually goes unchallenged. There is simply no comparable conservative organization to act as a counter weight.

Under Modern Liberal leadership, the NEA has supported the entire spectrum of left-wing causes, including socialism, gun control, abortion, high taxes, global government, amnesty for illegal aliens, government controlled health care, welfare, homosexual marriage, global warming, the Silly Putty Constitution, multiculturalism, feminism, nuclear disarmament, and any other leftist cause that comes along. According to former KGB agent Yuri Bezmenov, this push for left-wing indoctrination has seriously damaged American society:

“Marxism-Leninism ideology has been pumped into the soft heads of at least three generations of American students, without being challenged or counter-balanced by American patriotism.”

This is because the Modern Liberals who control the NEA are more concerned with changing the attitudes of our children than with educating our children. The Modern Liberals who run the NEA believe that the primary mission of teachers is not to teach academics, but rather to indoctrinate students to accept socialism, collectivism, and government control over their lives. Read what Dr. Rugg and Dr. Givens (two of the Dewey disciples who originally took over the NEA) openly said:

“…through the schools we shall disseminate a new conception of government—one that will embrace all of the collective activities of men; one that will postulate the need for scientific control and operation of economic activities in the interest of all people.” (Dr. Harold Rugg.)

“…we stand today at the verge of a great culture. But to achieve these things many drastic changes must be made. A dying laissez—faire culture must be completely destroyed, and all of us, including the owners, must be subject to a large degree of social control.” (Dr. Willard Givens.)

This arrogant desire to brainwash our kids instead of educating them in English, math and science, has resulted in three generations of under-educated Americans. Shockingly, John Dewey basically said that teachers should treat kids like cretins and not try to teach them anything challenging, lest this might “violate the child’s nature:”

“We violate the child’s nature…by introducing the child too abruptly to a number of special studies, of reading, writing, geography, etc. out of relation to his social life…the truer the correlation of the school subjects is not science, nor literature, nor history, nor geography, but the child’s own social activities.”

Due to this intentional “dummying down” of American schools, illiteracy is now worse than ever. A few fortunate souls who were educated the old fashioned way have noticed that America’s children are getting short-changed. According to the brilliant father of the US nuclear submarine force, Admiral Hyman Rickover:

“America is reaping the consequences of the destruction of traditional education by the Dewey-Kilpatrick experimentalist philosophy…Dewey’s ideas have led to the elimination of many academic subjects on the ground that they would not be useful in life…The student thus receives neither intellectual training nor the factual knowledge which will help him understand the world he lives in, or to make well reasoned decisions in his private life or as a responsible citizen.”

So Admiral Rickover was not merely concerned about the lack of academic instruction being given to American school children. He also feared their lack of knowledge and intellectual training made them less capable of making decisions in their private lives. This sad state of American youth did not happen by accident. Dr. John Dewey and his followers purposely discouraged the independent thought process that might lead to individual decision-making. According to the so-called “dean of American education:”

“Children who know how to think for themselves spoil the harmony of the collective society which is coming, where everyone is inter-dependent.” (Dr. John Dewey.)

By now it must be obvious to anyone with common sense that Dr. John Dewey was a blathering fool. Sadly, Dewey’s theories about socialism, globalism, and collectivism are still being taught in most of America’s teachers’ colleges. Therefore, his influence on American schools is still pervasive. This is largely due to the power of the NEA, which strongly influences the curriculums of America’s teachers’ colleges. Thanks to the NEA, public education in America is based largely on the demented musings of a socialist crackpot. By Peter Hauer.

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