Tuesday April 24th, Day of Decision — a Primary Vote of a Life Time…

Why a Brokered Convention Is Necessary – Your VOTE counts – if you use it as a statement

What is a brokered convention? If after all the state primary elections no candidate gets a majority of the state delegates then at the national nominating convention in Tampa Bay, each state delegate is free to choose any person and take a vote to have that candidate become the nominee. The delegates will be FREE to vote for what the people (not the party bosses) are telling them to do.
Why do we need a huge voter turnout? Low voter turnout in other states is why the establishment has been able to create the illusion that Romney leads in support. Polling of “average people” shows Romney is NOT wanted by a conservative minded majority of “We the People”. The phony stats and publicity is making average people stay home.
Why is New York so important? New York has 95 delegates of the 2285 representatives at the nominating convention. To date: The Wall Street Journal states 1139 delegates are left to be selected, 1144 delegates for anyone candidate will end our hopes of a brokered convention. New York leads the vote of the truly large state voting contingent of Texas 155 delegates, and California holding 172 delegates which will send a message to other states about how to vote. So about half of the votes have not been cast yet, if New York leads the way they will split the vote forcing a brokered convention.
If none of the 95 New York representatives went to Romney it is unlikely he can cinch the nomination prior to the convention. This would force a brokered convention and result in the voters having a say rather than the establishment’s money and power forcing Romney as “the chosen one”.
Why not Romney? Because money is manipulating the primary, not his message. If the voters showed that Romney is favored that would make a difference. A brokered convention is the way for the primary process to heal the rift with voters, truly choose who they want to be the nominee, even if it turns out to be Romney.
The establishment has tried to create the illusion that Romney is the choice. Many of the people know better – they reject the shenanigans of the establishment so they reject Romney. As the primary proceeds it has became evident that less than 40% of the people are choosing Romney – but that doesn’t matter. The establishment has gathered money and influence to defeat any and all comers.
In 2008 the establishment did the same thing and McCain lost. If things unfold the same way the results will be the same. The establishment’s pushing of Romney has divided the party. This is obvious to 99% of the American people. The only way the republicans will win the election is if the people have their say. At this point the only way that can happen is through a brokered convention.
If there is a brokered convention the result could even be that Romney wins the nomination but there would be a big difference. The people will have had their say. The people would make the choice – not the establishment. This is the only way to unify the party behind the republican nominee. This is the only way to defeat Obama.

New York – We must have

a BIG VOTE in this Primary.

Tuesday April 24th–

VOTE your principles.

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