The Power of New Media: Obama Ate a Dog

by John Nolte

It’s been obvious since the White House started to capitalize on the 1983 story of Seamus, a dog owned by Mitt and Ann Romney that famously got diarrhea during a vacation after riding in a dog carrier on top of the family car, that the craven and corrupt mainstream media intended to do all they could to aid and abet this dumb distraction. But the power of New Media has just taken this shiny toy away from Obama’s MSM Palace Guards and proves that the power of the MSM has diminished considerably since 2008.


In 2008, there’s no way in hell the MSM ever would’ve ever allowed the news that Obama ate a dog to kill the richness of their beloved Seamus narrative, and no one would’ve been able to force them to.
But it’s not 2008 anymore.
It’s 2012: The Era of New Media and Citizen Journalists.
Get on Twitter.
Start a blog.
Fight the power.

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