ABC Shows Alleged Bl oodied Image of Zimm erman’s Head on Nigh t of Martin Shooting

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Update: George Zimmerman was granted $150,000 bond this morning. Read about it here.

Alleged George Zimmerman Photo Shows Bloody Head | Trayvon Martin

Image Credit: ABC News

The dust is nowhere near settled in the complicated case surrounding 17-year-old Trayvon Martin’s death. This morning, ABC’s “Good Morning America” added a bombshell to the case when the show offered a first-time look at George Zimmerman‘s alleged injuries on the night of Martin’s demise.
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Mediaite describes newly-released images that purportedly show Zimmerman’s bloodied head in the moments following his violent spat with the teenager:

On Friday, ABC’s Good Morning America offered an exclusive look at injuries allegedly sustained by George Zimmerman the night of his struggle with Florida teen Trayvon Martin — a struggle that ultimately ended in Martin’s death. Zimmerman, those close to him, and his legal team have maintained that the 17-year-old had knocked him to the ground and proceeded to bash the back of his head against pavement that February night in a Sanford, Florida neighborhood. […]
The person who took the photograph at the scene says a dazed Zimmerman asked him to call his wife and tell her he’d just shot someone. The photographer also claims to have seen gun powder on Martin’s hoodie, an indication that the shooting allegedly occurred at close range.

GMA host Robin Roberts said that there’s no way to be entirely certain that the photograph is 100 percent legitimate, but that ABC News had vetted it for accuracy.
Watch the GMA video report explaining the images, below:

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