Black gossip site calls West a ‘house slave’

Black gossip site calls West a ‘house slave’ The Washington Examiner

Black gossip site calls West a 'house slave'
Bossip, a black celebrity gossip website, called Rep. Allen West, R-Fla., a “house slave” and an “Uncle Tom” because of his opposition to President Obama and the Democratic Party. Read & Comment

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3 Responses to Black gossip site calls West a ‘house slave’

  1. upaces88 says:

    It is an interesting observation of myself of myself (lol -no, I am not breaking apart).. When I watch West and listen to what he has to say, I don’t think to myself “Wellll, now that is one smart black man!”
    I think, “That man is sharp! He is sophisticated, and polished. Not only that, he has Military experience…why isn’t he running for President!?”
    No, I am not color blind…I just perceive him as a great man — a handsome, polished, educated man I would love to see in OUR WH!!!!


  2. upaces88 says:

    I am quite sure that really bothers West (sarcasm NOT)…He would NEVER EVER want to be associated with trash like them.
    He is a Family Man, A Military Man and a great American.
    And they are??????
    Illegitimate? Thieves? Dopers? Drug Dealers? Welfare brats or fathers of how many children on welfare? and Racist.

    Now, do you really think he cares about what they think?


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