Soros Increases Control of Fox News

After getting rid of Glenn Beck and hiring feminists Sally Kohn and Jehmu Greene, Fox News has taken yet another turn to the left – hiring Jesse Jackson’s daughter as a commentator. As we have reported at, Soros forced the ouster of Beck, while Sally Kohn used to work at the Soros-funded Center for Community Change. Both Kohn and Greene are graduates of the Jane Fonda-founded Women’s Media Center.

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5 Responses to Soros Increases Control of Fox News

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    I wish they would do to George Soros what he did to the Jewish people he turned on in Germany, he is a Criminial and should be punished. He is the reason people believe that if you are rich you are able to get away with murder or anything else they want to do.


    • upaces88 says:

      ….And, the Saudi(s) control Soros.
      Saudi(s) own 40% of Fox….
      This is a very tangled intertwined web of deceit upon the U.S.A.


  2. findalis says:

    FOX will become like all the other media networks. Then there will be no Conservative voice on the TV.


  3. upaces88 says:

    Through Murdock, the Saudi(s) own 40% of Fox News. Personally? I wish the U.S. would turn Soros over to the countries where they have warrants for him. With Obama in office though, it won’t happen.


  4. wdednh says:

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