NY Senate Trayvon Backer Attacks White Legislators, Jews

by Ben Shapiro

New York State Senator Kevin S. Parker – who in recent days donned a hoodie in the New York Senate to protest the killing of Trayvon Martin — took to Twitter today to denounce the fact that Senate GOP Majority Leader Dean Skelos, Gov. Andrew Cuomo, and Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver were negotiating legislation. He denounced them as “Three White guys in the room making all the decisions.” He then went further and called Skelos a racist: “Of course that’s what Skelos wants #businessasusual #dysfunctionalAlbany.”

But he wasn’t done yet. One commenter wrote, “We need less folks in politics like NY’s @senatorparker. Major anger issues, plus a race baiter. Not a good mix.” Parker shot back, “@RussOnPolitics you should come to my district and run against me then. Maybe the will left you be the 4th White guy in the room.”

But wait – there was more. An obviously Orthodox Jewish New York constituent wrote, “Mr @SenatorParker, you have a racial diverse district.

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