Madonna’s New Age End Time Satanism…it is reappearing in these end days. IT DID NOT BEGIN WITH THE SUPERBOWL

I have been discussing the satanic themes in pop culture music, movies, ect… with friends and just happened across this piece, how people say ‘it’s just entertainment’. Interesting….I posted before on how Elvis and the Beetle’s were using occult messages in their music and videos and actually got death threats for daring to say such things…We’ll see how many have awoken to this assault from Saan on their lives…

Before I was saved by the Lord, I used to be a HUGE Madonna fan. Obsession probably doesn’t begin to describe it. I even had collectibles worth a decent amount that I destroyed after I was pulled from the wreckage by my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. In honor of the One who saved me, I now write about this woman who has been used willingly since 1983, by satan and the New World Order elites to further their end time agenda.

Madonna is not merely some untalented pop tart singing sweet nothings into the ears of the masses that can be considered harmless or to no effect. Quite the opposite as you will see. I also understand this article will have little appeal to those who still worship this woman and/or follow her career. Please proceed with caution while reading. I pray this will open the eyes of even one person as this woman has ensnared millions, including Christians, into her web of deceit.
There has been much discussion over Madonna’s Superbowl halftime performance. Apparently, some are just now figuring out the occult world of Madonna. However, if you travel back in time you will connect the dots that lead up to this event. Madonna has been involved in satanism from the very beginning. For reasons I have yet to figure out, the global elites are intent on using this now fifty-something woman concerning their end- time agenda. There is something they still need from her…to do, or say, as we shall see.

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