God Gave the Land of Israel, as it appears here, to the Jewish people…

Give Israel back all the land stolen from them or shut the hell up over the little sliver they are settling for!

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9 Responses to God Gave the Land of Israel, as it appears here, to the Jewish people…

  1. upaces88 says:

    Malcolm, I have made it a habit now when referring to Christians vs. Christ-Centered people.
    The difference is like night and day.

    Most Christians I know have become more like the “money changers” at the Temples.
    I have no respect for them.
    I have, personally, heard them say, (business cheating) –I’ll be a real Christian when I retire from business.
    Yes, Sir! I had one actually tell me that!!


  2. upaces88 says:

    Go Ahead and Blast me…jist you go ahead…
    I am sick and tired of the “lip” service of the Christians.
    I went to school with two brothers. They are both now Deacons in the largest Methodist Church in Ft. Worth.
    They are also Superintendents of two different School Districts.
    I thought, being as educated as they are, they’d know what the hell is going on. MY BAD!
    “Oh, we don’t get involved in politics.”


  3. upaces88 says:

    Malcolm…, I do NOT like having to agree with you on this; but I do.
    It is a long life story to go into it; and I won’t bore anyone tonight (notice “tonight”…I will bore you later when I am not so tired.)
    I am the daughter and grand-daughter of two ministers. I can tell anyone with first hand experience that the difference between a “Christ-CENTERED” person and a “Christian” is sadly disturbing; and it was very sad for me for years when I discovered it. Long story short? I refuse to walk into any “christian” church today — the roof might fall in with my own outrage.


  4. upaces88 says:

    The liberal Jews have turned their backs Obama since he broke his 2008 promise to support Israel.


  5. upaces88 says:

    Yes! God Did! And, HE is getting very very tee’d off!!!


  6. malcolm7173 says:

    This is the problem I would be guessing but over half of people here in American are not Christians and do not know anything about Biblical History to include GOD’S COVENANT WITH ABRAHAM (Genesis 17:1-8). This country has lost it’s moral values in the family. We have taken God out of our schools, government/military and the America family. With no christian leaders what do you exspect.


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