No Budget, No Pay Petition

free, you do not have to donate or pay to send this fax.
Fellow Patriots,
Both houses of Congress are currently considering the No Budget, No Pay Act, which would require members of Congress to forfeit their pay if they fail to pass a budget. This bill is important to changing the culture of corruption in Washington, which is why we’ve launched our No Budget, No Pay petition. The bi-partisan No Budget, No Pay Act would bring serious accountability to members of Congress by cutting off their pay if they fail to meet their October budget deadline.

When you sign the petition, you can fax it to Congress and your favorite TV/Radio host for FREE! When you send your free fax, it forces some one to read it versus emails that get deleted.

The bill also ensures that Congress does not have the ability to retroactively award themselves pay lost for failing to perform their most basic constitutional function. This simple bill is currently being considered in both bodies of Congress.

Please sign this petition and send a free fax to your representatives to support HR 3643 and S. 1981

free, you do not have to donate or pay to send this fax.

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  1. upaces88 says:

    Actually, this is a GREAT idea!!!!


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