CNN’s Cooper Grills Black Panthers over Racism, “Uncle Toms”

In a rare display of tough journalistic questioning for cable news, CNN’s Anderson Cooper challenges The New Black Panther Party’s spokesman on the Trayvon Martin Case.

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3 Responses to CNN’s Cooper Grills Black Panthers over Racism, “Uncle Toms”

  1. jericho777 says:

    I am in absolute shock! No Way, no way would Anderson betray CNN and ask a Black man if he had racist under tones, or hell, he asked a Liberal to acknowledge their wrongs, holy mother of all that bears truth, Cooper, he’s acting like, my gawd, he’s acting like a journalist? Damn!


    • a12iggymom says:

      Hahahahaha, I thought the same thing, must be a stand in/look-alike!


      • jericho777 says:

        LMBO Shocking. YHWH bless them for giving us great laughs, rarely do they get it right to where we benefit from it, even if it’s laughter? And they are so ridiculously funny!


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