Was Trayvon Martin a Drug Dealer?

To trolls, this one is for you mrcantstopmebro,  who are falling for trial by media, you are not being allowed to comment…since you are too stupid to read reports, listen to police dispatch ect…John, no one said this man, Martin had to die. It is a tragety, for him and the parents who lost control of him. And for the lynching of Zimmerman by the radical left and NOI and NBP, the OLD FAILED MEDIA and folks like you who fall for the ‘trial by media’, not sure what this part of your comment meant “you want to be atretwise mother fucker than be prepa” but like the others, your url and info have been forwarded to law enforcement. Your email wasn’t just off, so were your comments “John commented on Was Trayvon Martin a Drug Dealer?

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No John, not so smart, but I AM smart enough to READ and LISTEN, then post what I’ve read and listened to so others can be informed…looks like you aren’t one who wishes to be informed but fly off into a tizzy…have a nice life, last post dude.

Initial Police Report: Martin Went After Zimmerman’s Gun


Zimmerman’s Story: Martin had asked what he was doing following him, started beating him up, and while he was on the ground, went for his gun.

Initial Police Report: Martin Went After Zimmerman’s Gun

A 13-year-old eye witness said he saw Zimmerman on the ground screaming for help and that was also when Martin reached for his gun. Police reports showed he was bleeding on his back and on the nose and believed his story enough to let him go free on the grounds that this was in self defense. http://abcnews.go.com/US/trayvon-martin-shooter-teenager-gun/story?id=16000239

Three-page police report contains new details about the shooting  death of Sanford, Fla. teenager Trayvon Martin.  http://www.scribd.com/doc/86948628/Trayvon-Martin-Police-Report Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2012/03/27/police-incident-report-fills-in-details-on-trayvon-martin-shooting/

one more account from someone who doesn’t fall for the failed media and racist ranters Jackson and Sharpton:

SOME truth about Trayvon…

Since our entire country is about to tear itself apart over a hispanic/black/jew killing a black boy, I decided to sit down tonight and do a little digging.
What I found didn’t really surprise me — I’m about the world’s biggest cynic — but it IS pretty staggering in a sick sort of way…
First the “concensus narrative”:
Poor little Trayvon – choir-boy extraordinaire, and candidate for sainthood – was chased down and murdered by a racist white man for the “crime” of walking to the store to buy a bag of skittles for his beloved little brother.
The police TOLD the racist murderer not to follow Trayvon, but he continued, and wasn’t satisfied until he’d MURDERED this innocent little child.
Naturally, they also trot out heart-melting pictures of the innocent child, to be sure nobody misses the fact that he was someone SPECIAL whose life was cut tragically short by the twin horrors of racism and guns.
What’s worse, the evil, racist redneck cops in the Florida town where this tragedy happened chose to let the murderer walk free – after all, he was white and the dead “child” was black!
At this point, 99% of the black community is screaming for “Zimmerman”‘s head on a platter, thanks in large part to media pandering and the usual bevy of race-hustlers and pimps. Even King Hussein The First, has chosen to fan the flames by claiming “If (he) had a son, he’d look like Trayvon”.
You’d THINK that black folks ESPECIALLY – given the long history of “their people” being lynched without benefit of due process – would be against the whole meme – but obviously you’d be WRONG.
Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you’ve heard all that so many times that it’s become TRUE – though it’s nearly all a pack of sickening LIES!
Here’s what I’ve learned…
First of all, Trayvon was in this “strange neighborhood” because he’d been sent there by his Momma — sent to stay with his DADDY for a bit so Daddy could “straighten him out” during a week-long suspension from school.
Though nobody will say what he did to get himself suspended, one thing is sure: It was relatively SERIOUS if it earned him a weeklong suspension… For Mom to call on DAD to “straighten him out” – thus admitting SHE COULDN”T HANDLE THE KID – is also telling!
Then there’s Trayvon himself…Here’s the kid we’ve all been told was so brutally murdered:

As it turns out, that picture is about 5 years old!In reality, THIS is the “Trayvon ‘SLIMM’ Martin” who was shot on that fateful night:

Gosh! Gold “grille”, “saggin’ pants”, obscene gestures… Not quite the choir-boy we’ve all been crying over, huh?
Then there’s the fact that – in another image from his Facebook page – young Trayvon apparently self-identified as a “MADE NIGGA”– meaning he’d been officially accepted into a “gang.”

Which gang? I’m not sure, but clearly it has a “Waters Avenue” “set” – and “Slimm” made a claim to be in it!
Lest you fall for the claims of “That’s a DIFFERENT Trayvon Martin” – note that even the pic his family chose for his “funeral handout” had a similar “tough guy” vibe – also delivered in a red font.

Even further, I’d bet a paycheck that the “skull and crossbones” came from the same “graffiti” font-set he used for his “Made…” announcement above! – but I digress…
Do a simple Google Image Search for “Trayvon Martin” and look at what pops up. Scroll on down and look — you’ll find all sorts of *OLD* pictures of him (the bastards even go so far as to break out the photo from his “Kindergarten Graduation”) — but you’ll find the only sites showing the pics I found above are places like “StormFront”…

Read more: http://dumbolddad.blogspot.com/2012/03/since-our-entire-country-is-about-to.html

Remember during the Clinton years the Left and the media suddenly started “reporting” massive “burning of black churches”.  Remember that?  It was proven not true (not being an epidemic) yet the media and the Left wanted an issue and that’s how they operate, race-baiting.

Update: The unedited audio of 911 tells a whole different story. SOME truth about Trayvon When Zimmerman says “These assholes always get away” it’s because Trayvon had gotten away and fatass Zimmerman was returning to his truck. Apparently Trayvon, who to my knowledge had a cell phone on him, chose not to call the cops, but to double back and attack Zimmerman.
2nd Update: Zimmerman mentored two black kids for free. RACIST!                       Florida Progressives always have hated Florida’s “Stand Your Ground” self-defense law. This case offered an opportunity to demonize it, and they took it – even though it does not apply to this case.”                                                                                                                      The one thing progressives value above all else is political power. They will dance on Trayvon Martin’s grave to keep people divided into the groups and sub-groups they’ve worked so hard to create and manipulate.”                                                                           Things just keep coming out that prove the media is trying to start a race war. This is not what the First Amendment was intended to protect.

Go To: http://beforeitsnews.com/story/1939/020/Was_Trayvon_Martin_a_Drug_Dealer.html

Hopefully this info paints a somewhat different picture of Trayvon than the one the media has been forcing down our throats for the last several weeks.

Zimmerman was doing a routine neighborhood watch, called in someone he considered suspicious, and was maintaining a visual on him until the police came. Then he was attacked, had his nose broken and was in a prone position while crying out for help.

Many people are reading a lot into the weight difference between Martin and Zimmerman, but Zimmerman was also 5’9 and out of shape. I’m pretty sure many tubby thirty-year-olds wouldn’t do well against a fit, 6’3, 17-year-old.


Above is the iconic picture we’ve been become accustomed to seeing everywhere in the media, used to represent the recent Trayvon Martin shooting in Sanford, Florida. From everything the public has been told, Trayvon Martin was a fresh-faced, innocent looking teenager and the visage of the man who shot him, George Zimmerman, is right out of a booking photo.
The media narrative being sold is quite clear, Trayvon Martin is the innocent victim here and George Zimmerman is a horrible bigot who attacked the young man for doing nothing more than buying skittles while being black. Even Barack Obama seems to accept the fresh-faced innocence of Trayvon, stating, “If I had a son, he would look like Trayvon.” More on that later.
It’s becoming more and more clear however that the innocent appearance the mainstream media is so desperate to apply to Trayvon isn’t at all accurate. The picture we’re used to seeing to represent Trayvon Martin appears to be a far cry from how he actually looked once he was a few years older.
More recent picture
Extended School Suspension
There has been a lot of analysis about the character of George Zimmerman in the media, and surprisingly little about Trayvon Martin.
For instance, a few days before he was killed, Trayvon was suspended from school for ten days.  (Lawyers immediatley sealed all of Martin’s school records)

Still, Trayvon had ‘nonviolent’ [how will anyone know since the family lawyers SEALED the records] behavioral issues in school, and on the day he was killed, he had been suspended for 10 days from Dr. Michael M. Krop Senior High School in North Miami-Dade. “He was not suspended for something dealing with violence or anything like that. It wasn’t a crime he committed, but he was in an unauthorized area [on school property],” Martin said, declining to offer more details. Before that, Trayvon attended Miami Carol City High School near his mother’s home in Miami Gardens.

There has been very little follow-up in investigating exactly why Trayvon was suspended for such a long period of time for what seems to be the relatively minor offense of “being in an unauthorized area.” In most schools, something like that would be a detention, or one-day, in school suspension at most. Not ten days.
Of course, this is why Trayvon was staying as his Father’s house, so far away from school. And it also explains why George Zimmerman, who by all accounts seemed to stay on top of everything that happened in his neighborhood, didn’t recognize him that evening, Trayvon didn’t really live there, and was only in town because of the suspension.
It seems we may not find out more anytime soon, as a lawyer representing Trayvon’s family has sealed his school records.
Multiple Tattoos
To learn more about Trayvon’s character, we have to look to his friends and family to offer clues. Unfortunately, it seems as if most people who knew him are intent on cleaning up his image, rather than discussing what Trayvon was really like.
Even though Trayvon was only 17, he already was sporting gold teeth, and several large tattoos. This one was on his wrist, apparently of his girlfriend’s mother’s name.
Trayvon Martin Wrist Tattoo
This photo, taken from Tray’s MySpace page, shows another large tattoo that took up most of his upper arm.
Trayvon Martin Arm Tattoo
It seems that Tray was also on Twitter, but his account seems to have been recently deleted by his family or friends.
His screen name was “@NO_LIMIT_NIGGA, as you can see from the twitpic account screenshot above. He was also a member of a twitter hash group #team4dat.
At first, I was skeptical that anyone would maintain an account with that sort of derogatory slur in the title, but after doing some research, it’s apparent that it was Trayvon’s account.
The account was in existence long before the shooting occurred a few weeks ago, and was deleted only recently, there are still dozens of references to @NO_LIMIT_NIGGA in google’s cache.
The associated twitpic account matches the account name and is still online at the time of publication. Most of the pics were uploaded months ago, so this account was associated with Trayvon long before the shooting took place.
Several of Tray’s friends have been very open about referring to Trayvon using that account as well. His cousin, who is quite active on Twitter, refers to Trayvon more than a dozen times using the @NO_LIMIT_NIGGA nickname.
Violence & Gang Activity
There seem to be several allusions to violence on Tray’s Twitter account.
His friends posted supportive messages using it as well, about how happy they were that Trayvon whooped Zimmerman’s ass before he died.


Violence one
Another post makes reference to Trayvon having “swung on a bus driver” a few days before he died.
Did that have something to do with his ten-day suspension?
Bus driver violence
On Trayvon’s MySpace page, at least one of his top friends, Romario305, is featured making a gang sign towards the camera in his default profile picture.
Gang signs
Almost all of this is in stark contrast to the media’s central narrative that Trayvon was a normal, happy, well-adjusted teenager.
Instead of that, we are seeing long suspensions from school, tattoos, racially-charged epitaphs, and violence.
Drug Culture
Several of his friends have posted pictures of rolled blunts to twitter in memorial to Trayvon.
In memory of Trayvon
There is also fairly direct evidence that Trayvon may have been a small-time drug-dealer.
On Facebook on February 5th, his friend posts on his wall asking to talk business. Trayvon says he doesn’t have a phone available and his friend says, “Damn were u at a nigga needa plant.”
Trayvon plants
That Facebook url should still work, if anyone is intrepid enough to check it out.
Unless Trayvon was selling Orchids, it seems fairly reasonable to posit that he may have been somewhat well-known among his friends for selling marijuana.
Hopefully this info paints a somewhat different picture of Trayvon than the one the media has been forcing down our throats for the last several weeks.
This is a complex case, and while all the facts are not in yet, we do know that Zimmerman was well within his rights to make verbal contact with someone he didn’t know or recognize in his neighborhood.
In fact, that’s exactly what Neighborhood Watch groups are for, to be the “eyes and ears” of the community. It appears that Zimmerman was very good at this job.
No matter how offended someone might be to have a stranger come up and ask what they are doing there, it doesn’t give anyone a license to commit assault.
From what I can tell, Zimmerman was doing a routine neighborhood watch, called in someone he considered suspicious, and was maintaining a visual on him until the police came.
Then he was attacked, had his nose broken and was in a prone position while crying out for help.
Zimmerman was pinned to the ground, according to a witness, and was still being beaten by someone much younger than him.
Many people are reading a lot into the weight difference between Martin and Zimmerman, but Zimmerman was also 5’9 and out of shape. I’m pretty sure many tubby thirty-year-olds wouldn’t do well against a fit, 6’3, 17-year-old.
This is a textbook self-defense case, and I’d urge anyone reading to look at the full set of facts before drawing conclusions.

AUDIO FROM DISPATCH: http://mp3.911dispatch.com.s3.amazonaws.com/sanford_zimmerman_911.mp3

Dispatch audio showing Zimmerman was BACK in his vehicle and NOT chasing Martin as the media reported: Two-sides to a story! Media covering only the dead victim. New Black Panther Party Issues ‘Wanted Dead or Alive’ Poster for George Zimmerman

Why is the media showing only an old, OLD photo of Martin? He was 6’3″ tall and a football player! This failed old media is trying to incite a race war and people are falling for it! What would Martin Luther King have said…learn the facts and act peacefully. Sharpton and Jackson are not MLK and would love to have a race war going to get their faces back on the front pages… WAKE UP PEOPLE!




New Black Panther Party Issues ‘Wanted Dead or Alive’ Poster for George Zimmerman

The New Black Panther Party on Thursday circulated a “wanted dead or alive” poster for George Zimmerman in the fatal shooting of black Florida teen Trayvon Martin, the citizen journalism site Allvoices.com reported.

Zimmerman — a half-white, half-Hispanic neighborhood watch volunteer — has said he was acting in self-defense when he shot 17-year-old Martin one month ago. Martin was found to be carrying only an iced tea and a bag of Skittles. The case has ignited into a racial firestorm, particularly as Zimmerman has not been arrested or charged.

The “dead or alive” posters were passed out during a press conference led by Minister Mikhail Muhummud, who called himself the southern regional director for the New Black Panther Party for Self-Defense in Jacksonville, Florida.

“Murdered in cold blood,” the flyer says. “Child killer of Trayvon Martin — Wanted dead or alive.”

Trayvon Martin was punching Neighborhood Watchman when he was shot

This video has statements by a key witness “John” who saw Trayvon beating Zimmerman and who heard Zimmerman screaming “help” contrary to liberal speculation. George Zimmerman followed a suspicious individual, Trayvon Martin through a neighborhood that had suffered 11 recent break ins. Trayvon appeared to be looking around at houses in the rain casing the neighborhood. Trayvon pulled his hoodie over his face and ran after he noticed Zimmerman watching him while he was casing the neighborhood. Zimmerman drove after him, but lost sight. Zimmerman got out of his truck and looked, started walking back to his truck and Trayvon approached him. Zimmerman asked him what he was doing in that neighborhood and Trayvon began violently beating him as opposed to saying he was staying with his father which a reasonable person who hadn’t been burglarizing homes might say. Trayvon was a six foot three 17 year old high school football player, contrary to the child photos the media keeps showing.

Zimmerman as a private citizen can follow suspicious people in his car and ask them questions. He was under no obligation to obey the rules of other neighborhood watch organizations.

Trayvon however committed a felonious assault against Zimmerman –a crime which liberals apparently don’t consider a big deal.

Here’s a more recent picture of Trayvon, you can contrast with the pictures of him when he was 12 that the liberal media is using.


If you want to help spread the truth about this and fight the liberal lies and propaganda, please post the title of this youtube in the comments section of more popular youtubes on this subject and ask people to see the only youtube with an eyewitness being interviewed.

Youtube title is: Trayvon Martin was punching Neighborhood Watchman when he was shot  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zEDBqvEauYU&feature=youtu.be

From Martin’s FB Page:




Witness: Martin attacked Zimmerman

Updated: Friday, 23 Mar 2012, 6:19 PM EDT Published : Friday, 23 Mar 2012, 5:47 PM EDT

ORLANDO – A witness we haven’t heard from before paints a much different picture than we’ve seen so far of what happened the night 17-year-old Trayvon Martin was shot and killed.

The night of that shooting, police say there was a witness who saw it all.

Our sister station, FOX 35 in Orlando, has spoken to that witness.

What Sanford Police investigators have in the folder, they put together on the killing of Trayvon Martin few know about.

The file now sits in the hands of the state attorney. Now that file is just weeks away from being opened to a grand jury.

It shows more now about why police believed that night that George Zimmerman shouldn’t have gone to jail.

Zimmerman called 911 and told dispatchers he was following a teen. The dispatcher told Zimmerman not to.

And from that moment to the shooting, details are few.

But one man’s testimony could be key for the police.

“The guy on the bottom who had a red sweater on was yelling to me: ‘help, help…and I told him to stop and I was calling 911,” he said.

Trayvon Martin was in a hoodie; Zimmerman was in red.

The witness only wanted to be identified as “John,” and didn’t not want to be shown on camera.

His statements to police were instrumental, because police backed up Zimmerman’s claims, saying those screams on the 911 call are those of Zimmerman.

“When I got upstairs and looked down, the guy who was on top beating up the other guy, was the one laying in the grass, and I believe he was dead at that point,” John said.

Zimmerman says the shooting was self defense. According to information released on the Sanford city website, Zimmerman said he was going back to his SUV when he was attacked by the teen.

Sanford police say Zimmerman was bloody in his face and head, and the back of his shirt was wet and had grass stains, indicating a struggle took place before the shooting. http://www.myfoxtampabay.com/dpp/news/state/witness-martin-attacked-zimmerman-03232012

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  1. Jared says:

    Spot on. Spot…on. And how grand is it that his mother is looking to gain financially from her son’s death, by trying to trademark anything with his name or likeness? Wow. Bloody wow. If it isn’t obvious to America by now what has really happened, pity them all. Great read.


  2. findalis says:

    I wouldn’t doubt that he was dealing. Heck I wouldn’t doubt that he was up to no go. The MSM shows a picture of a 13 year old child, not the 17 year old gangbanger. A deliberate deception by the family.

    According to sources, the police have a video of the incident and that shows Mr. Zimmerman’s version of the facts.


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    Tim Joe, I certainly hope that wasn’t a threat, in either case, your url and web site have been forwarded…


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