Judge orders Texas School to Apologize for Letting Students Pray with Teachers

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Judge orders Texas School to Apologize for Letting Students Pray with Teachers

An activist Federal Judge Fred Biery has ordered Texas public school officials to apologize to agnostic complainers for allowing teachers to join student-led prayer.

The anti-prayer Judge, now under fire from Presidential candidate Newt Gingrich, forced San Antonio School District Superintendent James Stransberry and a high school band director Keith Riley to apologize for offending an agnostic student student Corwyn Schultz, whose parents filed a lawsuit to stop teachers from praying.

Now thanks to Judge Biery all student-led public prayers and Christian outreach are to banned if teachers are present, and any display of religious artifacts are to be removed from all classrooms. SanAntonio.com reports “The district reached a settlement with the plaintiffs in which it agreed that administrators and other employees will not pray with students, elicit prayer, proselytize or display religious artifacts in the classroom (except jewelry).”

Last year the same Judge Biery banned student-led graduation prayers, saying that prayer was offensive to agnostics. However, a three judge panel at federal appeals court overturned that Biery ruling and allowed the student-led prayer.

Since Biery was overruled, they now attack teachers who might dare to bow their heads or display religious items, or even have a Bible on their desks. In Texas! Complainers have won a court order banning all all teachers and employees from praying at school or school functions, and Biery ordered the leadership to apologize to Schultz.

Bottom Line: We can begin to stop this harassment of public school teachers, by demanding the U.S. Senate pass S.Res.18, which recognizes that prayer before school board meetings is a protected act, and teachers, parents, and kids all have the right to speak and pray publicly, in Jesus’ name.

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3 Responses to Judge orders Texas School to Apologize for Letting Students Pray with Teachers

  1. The school officials have the opportunity for a profile in courage moment to tell the judge, “No.”

    The People have the opportunity to tell their federal elected officials to submit the articles of impeachment now.


  2. The school officials have a profile in courage opportunity to tell the judge “No.”. The people of that district and Texas – and the US – have an opportunity to tell the elected Fed representatives to put in the articles of impeachment.


  3. upaces88 says:

    What a bloody dirt ball Judge!!!!
    Tell the agnostics if it is offensive to them…put their dirty little hands over their ears;or leave a room until the prayer is finished.
    When I was a child, We had a morning devotional over the loud speaker every morning. To be respectful, even then, if a child didn’t want to participate, they were told they could just read or go outside the room until it was over.
    It was NEVER a problem.


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