MUST WATCH: “I WILL NOT COMPLY!” Glenn declares “I am a man” during passionate GBTV monologue

MUST WATCH: Glenn declares “I am a man” during passionate GBTV monologue, please watch all 4 videos…if you do nothing else, see where these new ‘farm regulations’ are taking us…
I WILL NOT COMPLY! The Government take-over of family farms leads to one place, massive population starvation…think Stalin, Mao, Chavez, Zimbabwai…is the USA next?

Read and see 4 videos:

On GBTV tonight, Glenn delivered what was probably one of his most passionate monologues since he began to broadcast on television. Why did Secretary Hilda Solis set Glenn off on a discussion that covered everything from new farming regulations to the Civil Rights Movement to the history of the Soviet Union? It was Glenn at his best, and a monologue that truly must be seen to be appreciated.
He started off the show by discussing proposed new regulations on farms that would limit the role of children in agricultural businesses, which would dramatically alter age old roles of youths on farms.
The Springfield News-Leader expains:

Proposed changes to federal child labor laws could interfere with that. The changes would place heavy restrictions on the type of work that kids can do on farms — even family farms.
The U.S. Department of Labor opted to revisit its proposed regulations, so kids under 16 may not be able to work on their grandparents’ or other relatives farms in the future, if those family farms have been incorporated. The 51-page document up for debate offers restrictions on kids working in livestock pens, operating farm machinery, using power tools, climbing ladders, and working specified hours.

These changes are being spearheaded by Hilda Solis and the Department of Labor.
But as Glenn sees it, this is just the latest example of the government attempting to “co-parent”, and as a result of the interference children will ultimately lose out on the vital, character-building effects of having to know how to work at a young age. As a result, they will likely value their independence less and rely more on government than their selves when they grow older.
“Life isn’t easy but it is so much easier when you work hard,” Glenn said. The regulations will rob children of this lesson.
“They will learn to be a hard-working free man, and not a slave,” he added.
Glenn, of course, does not mean a slave in the way African Americans were enslaved prior to the Civil War, but in the sense of a group of people being ruled over by another, in this case a slave to the federal government. He said that he fears future generations are losing the ability to be able to stand and say “I am a man” and an individual, not part of a collective.
“I am so tired of these elites telling us what to do,” Glenn said.
“Because I saw hard work from my father, because I saw him have passion for what he did. Because I saw hard work from my grandfather. Because I saw people work themselves to death I happen to have good work ethic and I hope my kids learn it from me.”
“I hope they are as lucky as I am to attract people who have the same values,” Glenn said as he held up a copy of the Wall Street Journal trumpeting the success of GBTV.
“I end up there because of the people I work with,” he said pointing at the article. “Because you understand.
“Our values are being destroyed,” he warned. “Our culture is being destroyed.”
Glenn said people need to look back to the founding documents and to see the rights that man is endowed with from the Creator: Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.
“I am a man and I demand to be treated as a man. I make my own choices and I live with the consequences of those choices. I do not answer to you federal government. That’s not how it works,” he said.
Glenn said that when regulations are created that are not good citizens are required by The Declaration of Independence to respond.
“I hope to God we are not there yet, but you could make that case. And I’m so sorry if the media finds that dangerous speech. Is it dangerous now to quote the founding documents?” he said.
He said that if the government asks him to violate his values or give up his rights, he only has one answer: “I will not comply”. He admitted it would not be easy, the consequences might even be scary, but he will stand for what he believes in.
Glenn concluded the monologue with a look back at historical examples of overreaching federal regulation.

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