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Announcing the Creation of FEMA Corps

by: Michael Widomski, Public Affairs Washington, D.C., March 13, 2012 — Cecilia Muñoz, Director of the White House Domestic Policy Council, discusses the new partnership between AmeriCorps’ Corporation for National and Community Service and FEMA. The new partnership is designed … Continue reading

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Disney/ABC ‘Good Chr istian’ Bithces Show Attacks Christians 72 Times in 2 Episod es

“Hell Hath No Fury,” the second episode in ABC’s unholy mess“GCB,” was even worse than the pilot. Despite the vain and meager PR attempts by its Jesus-touting stars, the show’s true agenda of degrading Christianity, conservatives, and Texans shines as … Continue reading

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Another attach on the U.S.Flag: GA Business Owner Reportedly Threatened With Fines & Jail Time for…Flying American Flag

An Albany, Georgia, business owner probably thought he was merely exercising his rights and exemplifying his patriotism by flying an American flag outside of his business. But when he received a ticket and was threatened with jail time, what started … Continue reading

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FLASH BACK: Maxine Waters (D) Slip of the Tongue Reveals True Intentions (Socialism for America)

They almost have the gas to $5 a gallon now…and remember B. Hussein Obama’s famous quote “energy prices will necessarily have to skyrocket under my administration”. A slip of the tongue reveals the true intentions of Maxine Waters (D) during … Continue reading

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Online, liberals far less tolerant than normal people

J. Scott Applewhite / AP Not exactly shocking news for those exposed to them for years, but the respected Pew Research Center has determined that political liberals are far less tolerant of opposing views than regular Americans. In a new … Continue reading

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Obamacare and DHIMMITUDE????

looks like moslums have been working around this, from insurance in islam, you bet they will be exempted…btw, Please, I do not use nor except Snopes as a legit site since they recieve funding from George Soros… Question: What do … Continue reading

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We are shocked…shocked!! that a former CAIR official, now a candidate for President in Egypt, wants to fully implement sharia law.

March 13, 2012 We are shocked…shocked! In that famous scene in the movie “Casablanca,” Captain Renault exclaims to Rick that he is “shocked, shocked” to find gambling going on. Just so, we are “shocked” to read that a former CAIR … Continue reading

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Rev Wright Obama’s Buddy is marching against the Jews.

Trying to intimidate those christians and jews the molsums haven’t already run out… The recent successes of the Egyptian and Tunisian revolutions are a reminder that this inspirational movement for nonviolent civil resistance was actually born in Palestine with the … Continue reading

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NYT Poll: Majority of Americans Say Employers Should Be Able to Opt Out of Contraception Mandate

Birth control pills. (AP Photo) (CNSNews.com) – A significant majority – 57 percent — of Americans believe religiously-affiliated employers such as universities or hospitals should be able to opt out of the Obama administration’s mandate to cover the cost of … Continue reading

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Saudi on Student Visa Was Arrested After ‘Threatening to Blow Up White House’

White House (AP Photo) (CNSNews.com) – A Saudi Arabian national who entered the United States on a student visa was arrested in January after he threatened to blow up the White House, according to written and verbal testimony presented to … Continue reading

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