The #DJBreitbart Project: Remembering Andrew Breitbart with the music he loved so much. A Nirvana Free Zone.

See videos and hear trhe music at:

March 11, 2012 by Twitchy Staff

Michelle Malkin


Don’t miss! The #DJBreitbart music tweet-a-thon starts at midnite Pacific/3am Eastern tonite…

10 Mar 12

Evan Pokroy is spearheading the project and has set up the official #DJBreitbart site here, where you can see the full DJ participant list (including Twitchy founder @michellemalkin, who drew the unlucky short straw and has to follow MTV legend Kurt Loder).

Fellow DJ and Breitbart writer Liberty Chick explains:

Every so often, for those who followed Andrew on Twitter, we were treated to Andrew Breitbart, the DJ. His love of retro and 70′s/80′s Brit Synth-Pop music was an undeniable trait of Andrew’s persona. And he’d occasionally take a break from taunting his adversaries on Twitter or retweeting hate tweets to share some of his favorite music tracks with tweeps, hash-tagging them #DJBreitbart.
In keeping with that tradition, some wonderful friends have organized a tribute in Andrew’s honor this weekend: The #DJBreitbart Project.

How does it work?

Agam Tapaktuan@Agam_T
#DJBreitbart, like Andrew, requires audience participation. Follow the hashtag and click on the links, just like when Andrew was doing it.

11 Mar 12

We’ll update below with some of the coolest and cheesiest #djbreitbart selections throughout the night and day and night.
The DJs are prepping.

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