Pete Hegseth for Senate – Minnesota

We’re off and running! As you know, we launched a U.S. Senate campaign last Thursday. Click here if you missed the announcement video. The response we received was phenomenal: Minnesotans and citizens from across the country know that we can’t continue electing rank-and-file politicians and expect different results.
Our campaign is off to a very strong start. We’ve already received positive coverage from media outlets around Minnesota and nationwide, like The Hill (Klobuchar gets stronger challenger in Minnesota).
On Sunday, I did a circuit of Sunday talk shows–three in Minnesota and one national–to spread our message of smaller and simpler government. I talked about repealing Obamacare and replacing it with patient-centered solutions that lower costs. I talked about cutting spending while simplifying the tax code. And I talked about creating a favorable environment for Minnesota businesses to create jobs.

To watch my Sunday appearance on Fox and Friends, click here or on the video below.

To watch my other appearances, click on the links below.

We have a long way to go before November 6…and I’ll need your help. Please visit and join our campaign. We must reverse the path of expanding government and chart a new course to prosperity, based on limited government, free markets, and our Constitution.
Pete Hegseth


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