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On NBC’s Today, Donny Deutsch Demands All Limbaugh Advertisers Pull Out, ‘They Have No Choice’

During the weekly left-wing panel discussion on Tuesday’s NBC Today, advertising executive Donny Deutsch announced: “The advertisers that are still on [sponsoring Limbaugh’s radio show] are basically voting, ‘Yes, we’re okay with it.’ They have no choice – I’m an ad guy, obviously – they have no choice but to go away.” [Listen to the audio ]

Deutsch predicted: “Advertisers will speak and they will speak loud, and you’re just seeing the beginning of it.” Near the end of the segment, he berated Limbaugh’s other advertisers: “I’m actually imploring advertisers to make – maybe we can use this to make a change in the voice out there, forget even Rush. Advertisers, take a stand right now. Every single one of you.”

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