Kevin Jackson on the passing of Andrew Breitbart and his/our continuing fight

This week we lost a great patriot and personal friend of mine, Andrew Breitbart. Andrew’s death just goes to show us that nothing is promised. We take for granted that people will be around to fight the good fight, but nobody knows.

Kevin and Andrew
Kevin and Andrew together right after breaking the ACORN story.

Andrew’s mark on the conservative movement was in indelible ink, and I am proud to have been associated with him. I will never forget when he called me to ask me to “be his Beck guy,” and break the ACORN story. I was honored, but more I sensed who Andrew was in the passion in which he explained what we were about to do. I saw him most recently at CPAC, and we were both busy. We passed each other 3 times, but didn’t speak, figuring we are friends, young, and we had plenty of time to have more conversations about fighting the good fight. That was not the case.

Like me, Andrew was a tireless warrior, working 20+ hours a day. I know that feeling all too well. I tell myself, “This is too important to sleep too long,” as loved ones around me tell me that I’m pushing it too hard. Likely.

My health has deteriorated, but I chalked it up to “getting older.” Who knows, since your time is your time. But Andrew’s passing does make one take pause, since we are both young(ish). My mother died at 44, so it’s not that my family doesn’t have this history.

All I can say is that I promised God that I will work as hard as I can for as long as I can, because this fight is the most important of my life. I miss my friend Andrew Breitbart, and I will join him for a friendly game of poker with God, when my time comes. RIP AB..

I mentioned last week that we launched a program called “Unreelectable” so we can begin pushing out OUR message about Obama, and not allowing the lamestream media to tell us what we are supposed to think. I hope you will support what we are doing. Visit [this week!]

The graphic below is an example of what we plan to showcase on Obama from now until the election. We’d like to run billboards of these and other graphics that are currently being created and the website will launch within the next week. All this will depend on how much we get in donations. It’s that simple.

That said, we need to PUSH OUT OUR MESSAGE and not allow the lamestream media to spin Obama’s record. Their strategy is simple: LIE!

Obama Donkey Unreelectable

We cannot allow Obama to have another 4 years of destruction. Hopefully you are just as committed to replacing the resident in the White House. The devastation would be unimaginable.

This is why we must tell all of America that Obama is UNREELECTABLE!

Help by doing one or more of the following:

  • Spread the word to your email lists
  • Donate to the cause, even $1 a month
  • Get in the GAME, join one of our projects

Hopefully you are doing it all!

God bless you all…

Kevin Jackson

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