BigDawg Music Mafia: A Tribute to Andrew Breitbart!

by Chip Murray

The Key to Victory in this War against Tyranny is a two-sided coin held close to the heart as a reminder of the power and energy we must invoke and learn to manifest within ourselves. On one side is the Warrior, and on the other side the Saint. Today we pay tribute to the Warrior, and tomorrow we will honor the Saint!

Andrew Breitbart IS a personal hero of mine. He was the tireless Patriot and the perfect model of what Thomas Jefferson had in mind when he encouraged us to question with boldness! What America owes Andrew Breitbart is well beyond measure and our ability to ever repay because without him, America would be that much more asleep and unaware of the Tyrant at the foot of her bed! No one has done as much to expose and reveal the face of the traitors and their treasonous intentions than Andrew Breitbart…and of course there’s Beck.

It is one thing to blog, vent and hurl your passionate barbs from behind the safety of your laptop screen. It is quite another to put your entire life, family and friends on the line to get up and physically stand in the face of danger on the field of fire…day in and day out!

I have read countless tributes to the man over the last several days, but nothing could speak for the man as well as the man himself. Before I watched the video you are about to see, I was a distant admirer of Andrew’s…after watching this clip I became a devotee!

This is what we’re up against…a faceless, heartless shadow that bankrolls an endless army of mindless orcs to throw at us. One man walks out to face them down to show us they are nothing…desperate, empty, cowardly souls with nothing to give…the perfect pawns! They are paid and bused in to attack and incite…they are paid to back us down and shut us up! (you ain’t seen nothing yet!) And here comes Andrew, straight into their faces! This is such amazing footage because it reveals the very face and energy of the Cowardly Lie when confronted with the face and energy of the Bold Truth like nothing I’ve ever seen before. This is pure Warrior Energy! This is what Honor and Courage look, taste and feel like! This is vintage Breitbart my friends…and this will never die.

Think of Andrew Breitbart as the modern-day William Wallace. What Tyranny thought it had tortured and destroyed by executing William Wallace only grew stronger in the hearts and minds of his fellow Scottish Patriots as Robert the Bruce invoked the spirit of Wallace and rallied his troops to ultimate victory at Bannockburn! It’s absolutely no different today…

New comforts and conveniences to distract us from the one thing that matters above all others…our Freedom. And the exact same energy of Tyranny on a much larger scale centralizes power and buys off whoever it must to keep it…always needing more. Yesterday it was the Nobles. Today it is your Congressman…Employer…your Church?

As Ann Barnhardt says, “All they can do is kill us!” God let me die a warrior’s death today to send my soul shining brightly on…before 100 years of life under the Tyrant’s thumb with dead vacancy behind my eyes! This is the choice Andrew Breitbart made, how he lived, who he is! This is the half of the coin we must own in every fiber of our being. Let’s Tweet the Tyrant a message shall we? #IamBreitbart! :-)

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1 Response to BigDawg Music Mafia: A Tribute to Andrew Breitbart!

  1. Sherry says:

    I loved how Breitbart shut them up. They all wanted to get in his face but they all scattered when the light of truth shone on them-that truth came in a question or two-why are you here protesting?Who believes what their sign says?

    I also thought it was interesting that these left wing lunatics shouted out that Breitbart is a homosexual yet they would be the ones to call conservatives homophobic. Ooopsie! I forgot that that is called left wing logic. 😕


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