Outrage After HuffPo Contributor Larry Doyle Calls Catholics ‘Jesus Eaters’

Can you mock a religion in public and slough it off as “just a joke?” Writer Larry Doyle thinks so.
On February 24th, the Huffington Post published a piece on its Comedy page entitled “The Jesus-Eating Cult of Rick Santorum.” The author of the post is Larry Doyle, a writer with credits on such serious TV dramas as The Simpsons, Beavis & Butt-Head, and Looney Tunes.
Mr. Doyle initially promoted the post on his Twitter feed this way.
Huffington Post Contributor Larry Doyle Calls Catholics Jesus Eaters
I’m guessing that tweet did not drive enough traffic to the site, so Doyle followed up with another tweet, using a more offensive and incendiary headline.
Huffington Post Contributor Larry Doyle Calls Catholics Jesus EatersThat tweet lit a fire and traffic has been buzzing to HuffPo and his story.
I have read the post (and Doyle’s non-apology apology). My initial response was one of non-surprise. We so often see people trashing/mocking someone or something after they have broken away from that person or thing, do not understand it, or are afraid that it is gaining influence in their world. Perhaps all three conditions exist here.
So what’s so offensive?
The headline for starters.
“The Jesus-Eating Cult of Rick Santorum” — In just a few words, a leading candidate for the GOP presidential slot is being called a cannibal and a cult member.
Doyle then launches into his brutal attacks on Catholics. He describes the faith as a “so-called church” and also refers to it as the “tactical arm of the North American Man-Boy Love Association” (NAMBLA).

But he then takes a curious detour: he makes certain that the reader knows that his “wisdom” on the topic comes from experience. So wise is he, though, that he was clever enough to free himself from Catholicism:

As a former member of same sect (an Irish-Catholic, the worst kind), I have read the texts, participated in the rites, and even seen behind the curtain, as it were, as a one-time altar boy, so help me. I managed to escape, but then, Santorum is in much deeper than I ever was.

Doyle says clearly that he is a “former member” and yet, once criticism started piling up on his Twitter feed, he quickly reverted to the old excuse of saying, “but I’m one of YOU… that makes it okay for me to attack:”
Huffington Post Contributor Larry Doyle Calls Catholics Jesus Eaters
He did say that he is a “former member” and “managed to escape,” didn’t he? So which is it? Is he Catholic or not?
Let’s get back to the initial post and more of the offensive slurs.
Doyle claims that he has discovered a “possible connection between the Roman Catholic Church pedophile program and NAMBLA, which I discovered after conducting some research on the internet.”

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