Can you say LIAR? Carney: Obama’s Speech To UAW “Not At All” A Campaign Speech

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How is it that the White House press secretary can openly misrepresent the truth and get away with it time and again??? The main stream press isn’t even trying to hold him or Obama accountable…

See him lie on video:

White House press secretary Jay Carney denies that President Obama’s partisan speech to the United Auto Workers (UAW) this morning was not a campaign event. During his address, President Obama encouraged the union workers to “fight” for him in 2012.

Question: “Was the president’s speech to the UAW this morning a campaign speech?”

Jay Carney, White House: “Not at all. The president was speaking to American workers, which he certainly enjoys doing. He was speaking to them about several things, principally the resurrection of the American automobile industry which is a subject that has been a focus of his attention since he took office.”

Question: “The speech today wasn’t just the president touting the auto bailouts then. A good amount of time was on rhetoric was from campaign fundraising speeches. He took some shots at politicians who didn’t support the bailout. We know that the Republican candidates fall on that side. I wonder why the White House is so reluctant to acknowledge that the president might be focused on the campaign.”

Carney: “Look, there’s no question that the issue of saving of the automobile industry in the United States is a subject in the news and a subject the debate. There’s no question about that. The president is very proud of the decisions he made, that were difficult, that were not popular at the time. The fact that he’s been talking about the need to do this from the beginning, in 2009 and now other politicians are talking about it, and making their opinions known, you have to look at cause-and-effect here. The president’s been talking about this since 2009, when he made these difficult decisions and consistently since then. Other politicians have been talking about it now for other reasons.”

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