DSM-V: Defining Away Autism: We’re Not Gonna Take It

DSM-V: We’re Not Gonna Take It More Info 
Tha APA doesn’t own “Autism”
The American Psychiatric Association (APA) is planning to release the fifth edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM-V) early next year. The process and content of the DSM V has been the object of ferocious criticism from a wide range of mental health groups and practitioners. One of the most vocal critics of the APA has been Dr. Allen Frances, the psychiatrist who headed up the development of the currently used DSM-IVr.Significant revisions are proposed for autism and Asperger syndrome in the DSM-V. A recent study conducted at the Child Study Center at Yale showed that 55% of the people who have a diagnosis under the current criteria in the DSM-IVr would lose that diagnoses under the DSM-V, and lost along with that diagnoses could be educational placements, health insurance access, Medicaid benefits and many other services that people with autism and their families and communities depend upon. And the change in diagnostic criteria would more than likely to the completely undermine the last 20 years of autism epidemiology.

The Autism Action Network opposes any changes to autism spectrum disorders under the DSM until the full range of the impacts those changes could have on people with autism and their families are carefully evaluated by a range of disinterested parties. There needs to be a full analysis of the impact and costs associated with changing the diagnostic criteria. Undoubtedly, potentially huge impacts could be experienced by schools, insurance providers, healthcare providers, social service providers and a wide range of public entities. And to date we have yet to hear any rational arguments of how the DSM-V will do people with autism any good.

The APA doesnt own autism, and the decision of what autism is should not be left to a small group of self-appointed insiders. Below is another recent excellent article from Allen Frances about the DSM-V misadventure. Please read it and forward it to friends and family and post it to Facebook and other social networks.

DSM 5 Freezes Out Its Stakeholders
by Allen Frances, Professor Emeritus, Duke University

Scary news. The Chair of the DSM 5 Task Force, Dr. David Kupfer, has indicated that 90 percent of the decisions on DSM 5 have already been made.
Why so scary? DSM 5 is the new revision of the psychiatric diagnosis manual, meant to become official in May 2013. It proposes a radical redefinition of the boundary between mental disorder and normality, greatly expanding the former at the expense of the latter. Understandably, this ambitious medicalization of the human condition has generated unprecedented opposition, both from the public and from mental health professionals. To top it off, the DSM 5 proposals are poorly written, unreliable, and likely to cause the misdiagnosis and the excessive treatment of millions of people.

Under normal circumstances the DSM 5 team would have taken the many criticisms to heart, gone back to the drawing board, and improved the quality and acceptability of their product. After all, the customer is very often right. But this DSM process has been strangely secretive, unable to self-correct, and stubbornly closed to suggestions coming from outside. As a result, current DSM 5 proposals show very little improvement over poorly done first drafts posted in February 2010.

Click the following link to read the rest of Frances article on at the Huffington Post


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