America Under Attack: Muslims Take on NYPD!

Over the years of debating with non-Muslims on whether there is a threat of Islam, I have heard plenty of excuses from Muslim/Islam apologists. One of them that has been repeatedly thrown at me, was that Muslims are nowhere near the majority. So they are not a threat. But that is far from the truth. My response is that Muslims do not have to be anywhere the majority to slowly takeover from within. They just need to continue whining about needs to be changed to suit Islam, while targeting certain agencies and institutions of power within America. They are doing so at an alarming rate!

Major targets of Muslims are the White House, US universities, the mainstream media and another has been the NYPD. In which they have launched a massive Islamic assault on! This is being done to weaken America, and at the same time give more power to Islam. It is another example of Muslims using our freedoms against us.

Back on August 25Th the Muslim American Civil Liberties Coalition (MACLC) c/o CLEAR – Creating Law Enforcement Accountability & Responsibility City University of New York School of Law issued a list of demands for the NYPD, after they had learned the CIA and NYPD had been gathering information on the Islamic community.

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